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October Faves

A bit late as I have been extremely busy with shoots and editing. Today is a short, simple post about what I have loved most in October. This month had me traveling once again and working from coffee shops and restaurants using their wifi and great energy. I took these images in my favourite coffee shop/restaurant – Empire Cafe. A place where one can go to work and socialise with fellow freelancers. It can be extremely boring working from home alone so I find myself at a select few coffee places at least 3 times a week to get some socializing done!


In the image above you can see my top faves for the month:

My HTC M9 has people turning heads wherever I go with it’s gorgeous silver and rose gold designs as well as it’s great camera (obviously). My favourite shoot was with Chiano Sky (see the edits on my instagram here). My Persol polarized sunnies that I received at a recent event make the world look so much prettier! My macro phone lens (obsessed) and my Precious Pink friendship bracelet that I received with my Tempo watch. If you buy this bracelet or a Precious Pink Tempo watch, Sterns will contribute to a special initiative to set up Early Child Development Centres. If you have once, share a photo of it on instagram and hashtag #SternsGivesBack #PreciousPink 2 3 4

Finally, I am in love with this laptop cover by The Wren Design. They make these awesome designs from cement bags!

What are your favorites for the month, tag me!

September Faves:

Summer is on it’s way and there were a few things I loved this past month that helped me with the summer prep!


An obvious favourite for me was my Fake Bake Instant Self Tan. Although I do not often use self tan, I always find myself using it once or twice before summer arrives. I use it on the first few days when shorts are necessary and I haven’t had a chance to tan my pasty winter legs – fake bake gives them a nice natural bronze shade.

I received this Elizabeth Arden perfume recently – Untold Luxe – and have loved it’s soft vanilla tones. Vanilla always reminds me of summer and I find myself leaning towards these fragrances to compliment my vanilla body creams etc. It also lasts longer on my skin than my most recent perfume which is fantastic for those long summer photoshoots which end in an evening event.

Another favourite, featured again are my Gold Kromo ear phones. I have used them a lot while editing at restaurants & getting my summer tan on the beach.

Winter always leaves me with dry skin, no matter how much I moisturize. I always begin summer with a good body oil to soothe my skin after a good tan in the sun & to get my winter skin soft and summer ready. This hair and body oil from The Body Shop has been a life saver. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily as it soaks in instantly and leaves your body feelings soft and fragranced.

I recently invested in a second reflector, I have been borrowing my friends gold reflector for years and it was finally time to stop being lazy and simply buy my own! I cannot wait to use my new 5 sided reflector on my summer shoots!

Finally, my HTC Dot Cover has been a top fave for the month. It turns heads where ever I go. It protects my phone and looks very cool when showing messages and calls. (see below). It can be set to show patterns, messages, the weather and the time. It also shows social media notifications, messages and calls.


August Faves:

The month of August revolved around travel and luggage bags for me. This post will be based on my travel must-haves while shooting in other cities.


I travel almost every month without fail. Whether it be for work or for a weekend away, I am always going somewhere with my camera in hand and backpack full of things I cannot live without. Traveling can be very uncomfortable, although I enjoy exploring new places and flying to other cities for work, living out of a bag for a few days and lugging all of my equipment around can be a huge burden. This month in particular stood out to me as I found myself packing only what I needed and tossing those “I might need these” items – after flying somewhere every month since May I have found that those items are simply adding weight and nothing else!2

Items that made travel life more pleasant were:

  • My camera (obvious) – on my wishlist this month is a brand new 85mm lens as well as a battery grip for those long full day shoots!
  • My watch – I need to know the time and find that it is easier to subtly glance at my watch on set rather than take out my phone and check. On my wishlist this month is an additional teal watch to match all of my outfits!
  • My favourite magazines for the flight or drive.
  • My iPad for the digital versions of magazines and meetings.
  • Basic luxuries that fit into my bag are a must! A lip colour I have been crushing on is this Smashbox colour which is soft enough to pass as a natural blush pink but bright enough to show that you made an effort to look good for the shoot/event/meeting. I also always have my Morrocan Oil (especially in dry JHB this month it was 100% necessary and small enough to slip into my travel bag). Finally along with the hair oil, I always have a good moisturizer. Lately my go-to brand has been Hey Gorgeous.
  • I tend to work 24/7 while I am traveling so I find that a good glass of wine celebrates the day that has ended and  allows me to wind down and relax.
  • Finally, what would I do without my travel backpack?! I have been on the lookout for a funky backpack and found this JanSport one on It fits all of my camera equipment basics for travel and street style photography as well as my laptop and odds and ends that I need while out and about.3

What are your top travel items?

July Faves:

I am no beauty blogger but I do have a few favourite products that I regularly use, especially on set days when I need long lasting, comfortable makeup and my favourite piece of equipment.   I have compiled a list of my favourite items for the month of June – beauty products, fashion & tech – all the things I love.

IMG_8950 IMG_8955 IMG_8968

1. A good magazine. I wait for late clients ALOT and always have a full battery for social media roaming or a good magazine to read while I wait. Almost all of my shoots are delayed by 30 mins (call it Cape Town time) so I have learnt to always be prepared to wait.

2. A good set of basic beauty products. I have just stumbled upon the Catrice 3 in 1 skin tone adapting foundation which I apply after moisturizing on a busy morning. It is quick to apply, stays on all day and gives my skin a very natural look. I am not a fan of heavy foundation and try not to wear any unless I am going to an event or a “big” shoot so this light foundation is perfect for me.

I am a huge fan of nail colour and nail art so I always have painted nails. When I want to give my nails a “break” I apply the Ingot Breathable nail colour which allows my nails to breathe and still look fabulous.

Gosh cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara lasts all day and doesn’t clump. It comes off easily and has a well shaped brush that allows you to comb and lift the lashes. With my allergy to alcohol, I find it very difficult to get hold of a mascara that isn’t too harsh for my eyes, this is one of the few that I can use without any reaction.

Gimme Brow by Benefit is my newest addition to my beauty regime. I was one of those who didn’t EVER think of my brows. Since being in the fashion industry I have learnt that brows are everything. One could wear no makeup out and only have done their brows in order to look presentable. Brows are everything! I use this brow volumising gel to shape and fill. Since using it, people have complimented me on my brows- such a simple thing that MUST be done in order to complete your look.

Lastly, a good long wear lip colour is everything to me. At the end of the day, the one thing that always makes a person look fresh is lip colour. I am extremely fussy about this as my pet hate is seeing lips with faded lip colour. I liked the moisturizing effect of this Diva Red Rimmel lip colour. Nothing makes you more ready for a big day than a good red lip colour!!


Finally, my tech piece for the month has to be my polarized Kenko lens filter. It gives the most amazing effect and stays on my lens for every shoot unless I need to capture a sparkle or a reflection. The polarizing filter reduces harsh reflections and adds colour saturation to images.

Below is a link to an amazing tutorial that explains how a polarized filter is used:

Understanding & Using Polarizing Filters

My filter changed my life and I cannot wait to add to the collection with new filters soon!

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  1. Nokubonga says:

    I love this! You should do more cz its so nice getting beauty from a photographer’s perspective xx

    1. Thanks so much Noks!!! Will do!

  2. insaafdaniels says:

    this is great . i love your blog

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