2019 Ford Mustang

I was lucky enough to attend the Ford Mustang Launch in the Western Cape & had the most amazing time testing it on the open road through the Klein Karoo.

We met at the air port & teamed up with a co-driver. After choosing our cars for the day, we set off for our adventure. Ford always surprises us with the route by telling us absolutely nothing until the day of the event. We each get a book with a route map that our co-drivers have to read out. Half way through the ride & drive we swap to ensure that each of us get a chance to test the cars. I drove the 5.0L V8 Mustang first & had an amazing time testing the power, handling & features.

One of my favourite features was the exhaust sound mode… set it to normal sport OR track (who doesn’t want to make a noise & hear this engine roar?!) Below explains how it’s done…

We stopped for lunch somewhere between Ceres & Montagu and snapped some photos of the cars while enjoying Mustang branded burgers & chips.

I love combining fashion & cars so I was very happy to photograph @diva.dolz as we stopped for lunch.

We then got a chance to drive the limited edition Mustang Bullitt. WOW! This car has power! The Bullitt is a limited edition Mustang that Ford has designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Steve McQueen film where a Mustang was used in one of the most epic car chases in movie history. Only 50 Bullitts are coming to SA, 45 in the iconic Dark Island Green & 5 in metallic black.

After lunch, we had a driver change & it was my turn to navigate & get us to the little town of Montagu. Not only does the Mustang sound amazing, but it’s sound system is top quality. We found ourselves battling between the choice of turning up the volume on a good song versus turning down the music to hear the growl of the mustang as we accelerated.

A small detail that I absolutely LOVE is the pony that lights up the floor as one unlocks the car…

Once we got to Montagu we settled in and prepared for a short presentation followed by dinner.

The next morning we started the cars and let them warm up in the icy 7 degree cold. We swapped the 5.0L for the 2.3L eco boost convertible – the second day always requires a car swap to ensure that all drivers test both the 5.0L & the 2.3L. We headed back to Cape Town with the top down & seat warmers ON!

The mustang has an impressive 10 speed auto transmission along with paddles that are super responsive. It was such a pleasure to drive & extremely comfortable both in the city & the open road.

This year’s design was inspired by Darth Vader. With a few changes to the interior & exterior, Ford really went all out to make sure the car still get’s the same reaction more than 50 years later – pure excitement from both the driver & the passers by!

Thank you for having me Ford South Africa, it was a huge honour.

More info on the Mustang here.