VW Rally 2016 – Day 2

1Day 2 was a chilly start in the Longmore Forest. I only stayed to watch stage 10 but followed closely on twitter before and after this stage (via @SARallying). Very little cars came through compared to day 1. The favourite for the Rally, the VW Beetle, was sold on day 1 and therefore pulled out from the competition. I was SO looking forward to seeing it in the forest. Nonetheless the forest is always my favourite place to capture the rally. It is full of exciting photo opportunities and seems to be a favourite for the drivers too. It is also one of the most difficult days as these stages are a make or break for the teams. I quite enjoyed standing near to the finish line this year as one sees the state of the cars as they finish the stage and one can only imagine what they must go through at such a high speed. Lost bumpers, wheels and a few non-finishers is what stage 10 had to offer – as well as a flawless view for my photos. These are a few snaps I took before heading back to PE:2 3 Above: Leeroy Poulter & Elvene Coetzee4Above: Giniel de Villiers & Carolyn Swan5Above: Guy Botteril & Simon Vacy-Lyle 6Above:  Richard Leeke & Henry Kohne8The dust was swept away by an icy wind and created beautiful landscape photos.9 10Above:  Neels Vosloo & Ria Jansen11Above: Johan Viljoen & Juane Viljoen 12Above: Missing a front tyre –  Steph Pieterse & IIlario Pieterse13Above: Ismaeel Davids & JP Jacobs 14Above: Ruan Gerber & Ashley Bezuidenhout  15Above: Rufus Neethling & Henry Adams 16Above:  Pierre van der Berg & Riaan van Hyssteen 17Above: The flying finish!

The final places were as follows:


1. Leeroy Poulter & Elvene Coetzee

2. Giniel de Villiers & Carolyn Swan


1 Guy Botterill and Simon Vacy-Lyle
2 AC Potgieter and Tommy du Toit
3 Richard Leeke and Henry Kohne

Please email me should you wish to use any of my photos for the VW Rally.

Looking forward to the next one!