Vic Falls – Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls – also known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” – “the smoke that thunders” is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations I have visited. The day we arrived we went to walk The Falls (tip: take your SA passport with you and you’ll pay $20 instead of $30 to get in). We grabbed our cameras and raincoats and called a cab to take us (tip: buy a cheap raincoat from your home city. Ours were basically plastic bags BUT we saved ourselves from hiring ones at the gate). Shuttles cost $5 to take you to town and back but don’t be fooled, the Falls are about 800m from the town so the shuttles will quickly tell you that it is $10 as technically it is out of town. I loved how the tourism board supports local travel and gives neighbouring countries (including South Africans) a better rate than other visitors…

We chose to do the audio book tour, which is a self guided tour that gives you a map and an audio book which you can listen to as you walk past each view point. We really enjoyed listening to each section and replaying them as we walked on…

The first few view points are absolutely spectacular as you watch the large mass of water fall to the gorge below (tip: visit the falls in the afternoon for the best rainbows and soft lighting). You then move on to the rainforest/ rainbow section where you get absolutely drenched from the spray of the falls! In high season the spray can rise up to 2km above the falls which is when it looks a lot like smoke rising from a distance (hence the name – “the smoke that thunders”) !

This is not rain as we know it, this is just the falling water from the spray that has risen above the falls

The last view point is the bridge to Zambia where you have a moment out of the heavy rain… don’t get too comfortable, you have to walk back through it to exit!

After exploring the falls we were cold and wet! So we made our way to our accommodation, Flat Dog Lodge, for a nice hot shower & got ready for dinner.

Day 2 took us to Chobe River where we went on a river safari, had lunch and enjoyed an afternoon land safari. It was great to see the sights on both land and water.

After our water safari we stopped for a delicious buffet lunch at the Chobe River Lodge. We then climbed into open air safari trucks and made our way through the conservation in search of the land animals…

After an amazing day exploring the conservation, seeing many different animals and learning so much from our guide, we made our way home – across the border & back into Zimbabwe. We had an early dinner and went straight to bed — ready for day 3’s adventures.

We started day 3 with a short run through the town, grabbed a coffee from Little Monkey – one of THE best cups of coffee in Vic Falls, I’d say! The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine by the pool & exploring the shops and galleries in town. We had lunch at The Three Monkeys (again)… we enjoyed their food & service so much that each day we were back, whether it was lunch or dinner! As the evening arrived, we found ourselves on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River with great company and amazing views of the sunset…

A helicopter ride over The Falls was how I started day 4 ! I made a booking with Flight of Angels and thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Falls from above. I opted for the 13 minute flight over The Falls & Zambezi which was plenty of time ! I highly recommend this activity…

After the heli flip we took a walk around the town (after grabbing a coffee from Little Monkey again). We visited the famous Victoria Falls Hotel and dreamed of enjoying a high tea next time – or a gin & tonic at their beautiful Gin bar…

Our final day in Vic Falls ended as we sipped on sunset drinks along the banks of the Zambezi. We found a lovely “picnic” area within a conservation park and took in all the sights and sounds as we watched our final sunset in Vic Falls…

Sunset on a baobab
Broken Baobab due to elephants

I made a short video of our experience… watch it below:

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  1. I absolutely love this!! incredible photos, and I feel so inspired to go and visit Victoria falls now ahhh! it looks so beautiful.

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