About Me

I studied at the Ruth Prowse School of Art and received my Diploma in Photography in 2011.

I freelanced in digital photography after the completion of my studies and soon found that I needed to upgrade to a full frame camera in order to shoot for the larger clients that were contacting me. Unable to book clients with bigger budgets having my amateur camera, I saved up from my smaller shoots and decided it was make or break for my photography career. With giving up not being an option, I hosted a karaoke evening for friends and family and asked for a small donation at the door. The funds raised completed the budget I required in order to buy the second hand full frame camera I needed. Over the next few years I would book clients such as Ford South Africa, Cotton On Africa and Australia, Netflix, Foschini, Markham, Due South, Smile FM to name a few. I have worked with celebrities and influencers who support my skills regularly such as Cindy Nell, Aisha Baker, Zoe Brown, Sarah Heaton, Bailey Schneider and many more!

With my brand new Canon 5d mk iv you can be assured 100% quality, professionalism and fast delivery of images for your campaigns, social media content and website catalogues.

To make a booking email info@tegansmithphotography.com or fill in the form below:

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