Vintage Vixen


I collaborated with LoneFolk quite some time ago to create this vintage story and, today I am feeling for some vintage living so I thought I would post about this shoot that I didn’t blog about on my old blog.




This shoot was another “day in the life” themed shoot. This was my thesis in my final year of college so it seems to pop up every now and then in my work, especially in older shoots when I was building my portfolio.


Our shoot was situated at Kitch-Kombuis in Muizenberg which has now become the Blue Bird Garage Market which is on every Friday night and I think some Saturdays. Our model was Lauri E and our hair stylist was Kylie Smit. The makeup was done by Helen Becker from MAC and styling by SAFashionBreedBlog’s, Aqeelah Harron, who was the owner of LoneFolk. Aqeelah’s styling is absolutely amazing and I hope to shoot with her again when she is in SA.















I absolutely love this shoot and no matter how old it is, it will always be one of my favourites.














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