Landscape Love

Many of you may not know that when I first found an interest in photography and began to study I was interested in majoring in landcape and nature photography, only two years later did I try out portraiture which then lead to my obsession with fashion and fashion photography.

I thought I would share 3 landscape images I took on my way to the air port this week before I left for my Port Elizabeth visit.




These images are unedited and were snapped through the window of a moving car so please excuse any imperfections, although, I feel that the imperfections actually compliment the image and say something about the image as a whole.

Just something a little different to the usual commercial image post for this lovely Wednesday morning.

Tomorrow I am shooting on the PE beach front with a lovely young lady and am very excited to use a different location in a different city, I am SO inspired at the moment and wish I could shoot I good, solid fashion story while I am here but that would take more organising and a longer stay.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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