Weekly Wrap Up

Untitled-1 I haven’t posted in SO long and have missed sharing my shoots with everyone. I have been super busy interning at the You Magazine and after those long hours I have had to come home and do work of my own such as editing, admin for my shoots etc. I have been too tired to blog BUT… I am finished interning now and will be able to blog a little more from now on.

This is a little peek at what I have been up to in the past week or two:

1. I photographed a DE-LICIOUS lunch buffet at 15 on Orange Hotel

2. Intern fun

3. Baked the Blog Lookpost via Woolworths #fashionconvo

4. #TeamBTB shooting a lookpost

5. Portobello Road’s First Birthday (see more under the events tab)

6. Couples shoot with Nicole and Kyle from Joburg

7. JayJays online campaign photoshoot

8. Spree event

9. Pedi’s at the Nine West event

Posts to be loaded about all of the above adventures soon!

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