Grunging it Up

I recently shot a Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot which can be seen here, on the same day we shot this grunge, bad-ass girl inspired shoot for Soraya who contacted me with her ideas for this personal shoot.

We had an amazing team and were able to pull off all 3 of Soraya’s crazy ideas! The third idea will follow in future posts!

I am lucky enough to share a 1963 karman ghia with my family so it was easy sourcing a cool car for Soraya to pose with.

fb1 (1)


We shot around 4pm which gave us a lovely warm light even though we still had the cold winter breeze blowing! I love the warmth in these images.

IMG_8874 (1) IMG_8892 IMG_8956

It was really nice to shoot a personal photoshoot for someone who wasn’t a professional model for a change. We had lots of fun and were impressed with how the images came out. Soraya is super photogenic!

And of course we snapped some behind the scenes pics too:




Makeup was done by Rebecca Hatton and the styling was by Tara Johanissen.

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  1. Cool pics. I love your makeup.😄

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