Something for the Bloggers

Part One

How to take good photos:


I thought I would post something for the bloggers today and talk about a few tips when taking photos for your blog. The first tip is- you should be using me to take your photos (lol) BUT here’s how to take your own, just a few basic tips:

  1. Your camera


I started with a Canon 1000d, which is a reasonably priced dslr camera, it really isn’t necessary breaking the bank for a huge professional camera, it is all about knowing how to use the one your have to create the best images possible. Many people believe that if they have a great big fancy camera they will have amazing photos but it is really all about the person behind the lens having a good knowlege about the camera they use that produces strong images. If you are unsure of what camera to buy, simply go to a camera shop, tell them what you will be doing with the camera and they will be able to suggest a good camera for you- also reading online reviews is great! Remember you may also buy a really good compact camera, just know how to use it properly and have a creative eye.


  1. Stock photos

 hugo-boss-femme-edp-by-hugo-boss-50ml IMG_8181

Some people may agree, some may not, but taking your own photos versus using stock photos or images provided by a press package is much more believable and gives a little something extra to your blog. Taking your own image of the product shows that you took the time to learn about it, use it and made a creative effort for your readers. It will also make your blog look more unique. These days people are also looking for honest reviews and your advice/review will look a lot more truthful if the reader can see you actually have the product in your home and haven’t simply written about the product without trying it out yourself.


 2. This is when you either take the next step of finding a professional photographer (me) or take a short course to learn a few extra tips that the regular person may not know. Some people enjoy the creativity of taking their own photos and others would prefer someone to take the images for them.

Every Friday I will be giving away a few more tips so keep a look out for the next post which will be about lighting and composition.

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  1. useful tips, thanks! looking forward to the next post. Happy Friday 🙂

  2. Lilian Druve says:

    Thanks for the tips!

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