How to take good photos Part 2

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Part 2:

So, after last weeks post you may want to photograph your own pictures for your blog, or simply use me 😉

Today’s post is going to be about lighting, one of the most important factors in photographing a good image!



Natural light is always the best light, BUT maybe you came home late from work and it is dark, or the weather is very gloomy outside and you have to photograph your subject, then you will need to use false lighting. I am known for my love of natural light but sometimes, for busy bloggers, it is too inconvenient to find the time and space to shoot in natural light.

Personally, I hate the camera’s built in flash with a passion. The built in flash is the little light that pops up on the dslr when shooting on auto. It usually washes out any colour and reflects off the subject you are photographing. I feel as though the camera flash is a bit too harsh at times, so I tend to avoid using it. Instead I will use natural light or the studio lights.

No Flash


 * Credit is due to Zoella for the image* 

 I would suggest buying a daylight bulb from the shops, popping it on a lamp and using that to light your products, it would be a little extravagant buying studio lights for your blog photos, but of course- there is nothing wrong with that. Most of us do not have the budget though and this is where a daylight bulb will help!

1 IMG_4585

The best thing about lighting is that you can experiment with it and create different moods with different lighting. You may want to create a more moody photograph with candles or something a little softer than a bright crisp light so one could use their bedside lamp which would give off a warm red colour in all your images.

 7 9

You could also shoot on a long shutter speed. Images blur very easily like this so you may need to rest your camera on something while shooting. I will be talking about shutter speeds in future posts if this interests you!

One of the first things you learn when taking photos or studying photography is “Never take photos INTO the light”. Sometime’s you may shoot into the light for a certain effect but for any other image it is best to follow this rule.

  3 5

Photography is all about experimenting. Have fun, try out different lighting and moods and see what it does to your images!

Good luck!!


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