Dappled Free


Aisha and I shot this lookpost against an old Volvo which I fell in love with when we drove past. I have a weakness for old cars and anything abandoned so I HAD to have a lookpost shoot with this car as a prop.

I loved the soft lighting and focus in these images which complimented the dappled light from the jacaranda trees and gave the whole story an old, antique style- just like our car!

xIMG_0644 xIMG_0645 xIMG_0656 xIMG_0667 xxxIMG_0632 zIMG_0554 zIMG_0626 Our location complimented Aisha’s outfit giving it a gypsy-road trip feel.

We had lots of fun shooting here experimenting with different angles and poses. Shooting with a car as a prop was new to us and it challenged our creativity as well as inspired it.

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