Sivu’s Photoshoot

 Sivu and I have been trying to organise a photoshoot for almost a year now, we have both been super busy and our shoots are always cursed by bad weather, but finally, our day arrived and all was perfect!

I have found that I have been needing an assistant more and more lately and this was one of the days I would have needed someone. We shot in the streets of Sea Point, Cape Town where I scouted the perfect location for Sivu’s streetstyle brief. With perfect timing, and a good eye, I found a section in the street that had the most beautiful light which was being reflected off a massive white building, the PERFECT reflector!

This is the reason why I love shooting on location! I love the spontaneity of the weather and other circumstances as well as moments like that day when you have the most amazing luck and timing! You never know what could happen, and I LOVE that!

Here are a few final edits from Sivu’s photoshoot:

fb1 fb2 fb3 fb4 fb5 fb6 fb7

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