Summer vs Winter hues

 I shot this wintery look with Aisha recently and she released it today, on a cold, gloomy Monday in Cape Town.

Aisha and I loved our dark, reflective location and I made sure I shot at a low light allowing all of the textures in the dress to show.

1 7



In post production I added a cold filter on the images to give the viewers the full, cold wintery feel we were going for.


Because summer is still holding on tightly in Cape Town, and winter is creeping in on us, I added a mix of warm and cold hues to give the images a warm, autumn feel but still preparing us for winter as it introduces itself abruptly.




For me, no matter what shoot I am editing, from fashion to blogger outfits, I am always telling a story through my images. Photography, for me, is not simply about snapping thousands of pics and sending them through to the client- it is about carefully planning shots, telling a story and finally, giving emotion and feeling to the images through colour in post production.

What is photography to you?

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