Bunny Blur

I photographed this Easter-inspired look with Aisha recently and have been dying to shoot a full black & white story. I took this opportunity when she showed me this all-black outfit. We both wanted to shoot something with strong lines, high contrast and also in a neutral location as the outfit has details that cannot be missed due to distractions by the environment.

1 2 3

  I added blur to some of these images because lately, I have been feeling like this year is flying by and I have not been ready for any of the “big dates and traditions”, from my birthday to Easter to the Design Indaba – my body clock just wasn’t ready for the important occasions that arose so suddenly! I decided to add blur to the images to exaggerate on the speed at which this year has passed!

4 5option 8option

I also added a cold blue filter to the black and white images to create a colder image. Aisha pointed out an image she liked that had the same tint and I thought it would be a lovely way to represent the approach of Winter.

I have been enjoying our shoots together lately because we work so well as a team! Aisha writes the most thoughtful, honest blog posts and has an amazing eye for styling outfits that are edgy and push the boundaries and then I take her ideas and add my own story and vision to the images.

Do you like hearing about how and why I create such stories? Tweet me @TegzPhotography if you like hearing about the little extras that may go unnoticed.

Thank you for your support!


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