Bright Winter

Aisha and I photographed this winter look against a beautiful, bright Bougainvillea tree. I was inspired by her MAC lip colour and insisted that we photographed that specific look against this background.

I loved the winter feel to this look and enjoyed adding a bright, exciting colour to a theme that is usually dull/pastel or monochrome. Aisha and I enjoy pushing the boundaries in this way and are also on the same page when inspiration kicks in! Thanks to this MAC lip colour, we were inspired and able to create this story…

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Saffiya did Aisha’s beautiful makeup and also helped me with my reflector on the shoot. We have such a strong team at the moment I feel that the other half of this year is going to be super-fantastic!

I visited JHB last week and will be posting about my time there this week. I met the most amazing people, sneaked in a quick lookpost with one of the bloggers and took lots of architectural images of the city. Be sure to look out for that! I will be going back to JHB very soon so be sure to book your shoot via email before I am fully booked!

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  1. No says:

    Love this shoot! The colours are amazing Tegz.

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