@FordSouthAfrica #FordGoFurther

This month I was sent up to JHB to represent @BakedTheBlog at the #FordGoFurther event.

You may recall me visiting PE this month where I went to watch the VW Rally (I visit every year to see this spectacular event) and supported my favourite driver Mark Cronje in the S2000 Ford Fiesta.


Although fashion is my passion in life I always feel that I was meant to be a rally driver (no jokes) and have had a secret love for speed, off road racing and 4x4ing. I was TOO excited to visit JHB and test drive the new Ford Ranger Odyssey as well as view their range of cars AND see the new Mustang being launched!

Day 1:

We arrived in JHB and were shuttled straight to the Sandton Convention centre where we viewed all of the Ford cars, were able to ask questions and learn more about each  model. We were then introduced to the Mustang after an interesting talk about the Ford business and it’s goals and achievements.

 IMG_9504 IMG_9506 IMG_9507 IMG_9508 IMG_9531 IMG_9536 IMG_9540IMG_95421

We then had lunch and caught up with all of the JHB media before being shuttled to our hotel – The Maslow Hotel- where we freshened up and prepared for the after party – The Mustang Party. Once again, we took tons of pics of the Mustang and caught up with industry friends.

2014-07-17 21.16.29210501853_796641370359217_4235336104023420570_n

Day 2:

We woke up bright and early for our Ford off-road driver training where we were divided into two groups. My group went for the off-road driver training first. We were walked through the course and given driving tips to complete it safely and then were able to drive the Odyssey through the course. Once each person had driven the course the two groups swapped and we were able to test drive any Ford car on the open road – I chose to drive the Ford Focus and was very sad when I realised I had to leave the car and come home to my  old Chico!

 2014-07-18 10.55.27IMG_9600IMG_9610IMG_9621IMG_9623IMG_9625IMG_9631IMG_9665IMG_9668IMG_9672IMG_9681IMG_9683

More importantly, follow this link to see more info on the Ford Mustang here , available in SA in 2015. I captured this video at the Mustang Party, have a watch:

All graphics were projected onto a white model car.

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