Luxottica SS15


The last Luxottica event I attended was with Aisha Baker (above). I fell in love with these RayBans (maybe the colour was the top seller for me), I think I would still buy them in 10 years time – after all, they are the more classic style and I don’t think my obsession with this color will ever leave me!

This time, I popped in between shoots on a busy Friday afternoon. I saw these new, edgier versions of my previous love and had to share them with you. I loved the transparent style combined with my favourite mirrored lens colours.

RayBan had some amazing styles including their new denim range which can be seen below:1 2   Ray-Ban has given their iconic Wayfarers a rugged makeover which is available in 6 colours. Made from 100% genuine denim, the new design is the result of TWO years of research. A high-tech layering process gives each pair a completely authentic, unique look which is then finished with original rivets etc.  I loved this styles edgy, fashionable look!

 I also spotted these gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana’s while catching up with the fashion crew. Below are a few of my faves from all brands:567IMG_1040IMG_1042Which style is your fave?



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