My Top Editing Apps

So you have an awesome phone, with an amazing camera and you want to give your images that “professional” feel before sharing them on social media – what editing app do you choose out of the hundreds that are available?! I receive emails weekly about what editing apps I use, these are the apps I use daily:

I am not one to buy apps for my phone so I have only selected the FREE apps that I am currently using or have used.

1. My top favourite app is VSCO Cam

I often use this app to add a crisp colorful punch to my images. When I first started using VSCO Cam it was THE app that was used by all of the big international photographers so I quickly downloaded it and fell in love with its user friendly features. My favourite filter is C1 as it adds a turquoise hue to my images (and you all know how much a love that colour)! Once you have selected your filter you can edit it further by selecting the spanner icon where you can adjust the crop, lighting, sharpness and more!


2. Snapseed

Snapseed is an app that I use for my landscapes. I use it to add a dramatic feel to photos. It is easy to use and offers a basic image boost filter to a more advanced option where one can “fine tune” an image and adjust its warmth, saturation, shadows, highlights etc. Even more, it allows one to “selective adjust” where one can touch a certain area of the image and only adjust that area!


3. Instagram

An obvious choice – instagram’s filters are great, especially after they upgraded, I found myself re-using a few of their filters. I generally use instagram’s filters for my coffee photos, and some of my personal portrait/selfie photos. I usually use “ludwig” for my coffee photos as it brings back the deep browns that one looses through the camera. The upgraded instagram allows one to edit further and fine tune the filter you have selected which is great!


4. Whitagram

This app is not a filter app but allows you to have a white background and does not crop your images if sharing on instagram. I used this for a very long time until I recently decided to go back to the more uniformed square look. It is great when uploading landscapes or full body photos when cropping doesn’t do the photo any justice.


5. #Nofilter

What I often do is not add a filter BUT use photoshop instead. When sharing my work on social media it is more than likely already photoshopped, whether it is a simple colour or light correction. I generally opt for no filter when uploading my work. Filters are used when out and about if needed but when loading my work, I prefer to keep it original and have my own editing and style. A lot of photographers use the #nofilter underneath their images but remember, it may be photoshopped or edited in other programs before loading so do not feel frustrated that your images are not instantly gorgeous and perfect like theirs… there is often a creative eye and a little editing that goes into the final product!


6. Phone Filters

I have been using an HTC One M8 and have found that I can do everything using the phone’s effects. If this interests you, please comment or tweet me as I would LOVE to do a post on the phones camera features and effects… they are super cool! Back to the subject at hand, I have been street style scouting using the phone and have used it’s effects to recreate the 50mm blur that one gets using a camera… When snapping a pic for street style specifically, I use the phone’s filter features and manually edit the contrast, levels, crop and then move on to effects where I can add the background blur.


All photos in this post are my own. This post is about MY favourite apps, if you have any apps that you love using, please share them, I would love to hear from you!

twitter: @tegzphotography

instagram: tegansmithphotography

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  1. Nokubonga says:

    Great post Tegz! I always struggle with filters. Love-hate relationship I guess…. XX

    1. Thanks for reading Noks!! Yes sometimes the filter works and sometimes it’s better without haha

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