#FabulousDressProject with @bakedtheblog and @SkipSouthAfrica

This past week I have been visiting Aisha 
and snapping a few behind the scenes pics 
while she put a beautifully designed white 
dress to the test. 

Each day, Celeste Arendse of Selfi added 
stains to the white dress for the Skip 

First they tested coffee. Aisha joined us 
for coffee at Haas dressed in the white dress 
stained by Celeste. After our meeting, the 
coffee washed out easily with Skip.
1 Next they tried beetroot, mustard and tomato sauce.
 Aisha met us for a lovely dinner at IYO Burgers and 
 again, it washed out easily.
fb1 IMG_9798 IMG_9778 
On Tuesday, Aisha Baker wore a dress stained with make-up. 
Yes, makeup! I was unable to attend her event on this
 day but followed with "fomo" on her snapchat and saw 
the gorgeous design that Celeste from Selfie added.
Today, Thursday 7 May, Aisha and friends will be at the Bean
 There Cafe to share the process of the #FabulousDressProject.

"Join us at Bean There Cafe on Wale street from 17h30 on 
Thursday, 7 May 2015, when the dress and the entire staining
process will be showcased to the public. Celeste will be 
there to discuss working with food and make-up to create her
once off, and once off a few times over designs." To view
the process, follow these accounts and search for
#FabulousDressProject online:
Skip South Africa: 
Facebook page
Twitter handle 

Celeste Arendse: 
Instagram handle - @celeste_selfi

All photos in this post are my own

Hope to see you all later!

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