Happy Birthday @BakedtheBlog

Aisha Baker and I have been working together for the past 3 years and each year, as her birthday arrives, we have been wanting to shoot a birthday themed outfit post but never have the time. This year, we worked together to plan the shoot, hire the studio and fetch the props to bring you a gorgeous 25th birthday post – something fun and celebratory to bring on the big two-five!

Happy Birthday to one of the most inspiring, friendly and fashionable people I know!!

10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Aisha wrote a lovely blog post about reaching 25 and added an unexpected shout out to me (what an honour!). Check it out via her blog here. 



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  1. justjadeblog says:

    Love these pictures Tegz. You guys are so cute!

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