Shashi’s Closet for @SHASHINAIDOO

I shot for Shashi’s Closet while visiting JHB in May. Shashi’s closet is a daily outfit post on Shashi’s instagram and website where she has a weekly theme and suggests tips on how to wear the item best. Week one, which Shashi has released, was all about how to wear faux fur. We photographed 5 outfits which she released every day of the week. I will be sure to share a few images from the other weeks BUT if you would like to see the final edits first, be sure to check out Shashi’s profile as she shares her daily fashion tips!IMG_4838 IMG_4869x IMG_4871 IMG_4889 IMG_4898 IMG_4920 IMG_4945 IMG_4950x

Which was your favourite look?

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