falling leaves


I’m feeling wintery this morning, and thought I would share my shoot with JHB based blogger, Londam Holland, where we shot in the Autumn hued streets of Saxonwold while I was visiting JHB in May. IMG_4232 IMG_4241 IMG_4242 IMG_4255 IMG_4263 IMG_4284 IMG_4298 IMG_4310

Londam Holland and I have been shooting together for quite a few years and have shot in PE, JHB and Cape Town – more cities than any other regular client of mine. I am so appreciative of the special people in my life, my regular clients, who book me for shoots and take the opportunity to catch up over coffee at the same time. With these types of clients, it is more than photographing an outfit, it is a chance to catch up as friends and create & capture another story, another memory to add to our next coffee catch up!

Keep warm!



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  1. Nokubonga says:

    Amazing! Thank you for the shout out Tegz XXX

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