Raw Joy


Raw Joy is a locally made accessories brand that supplies people with the most beautiful, carefully selected crystal and gem products. I have been working closely with Jenna, the founder of Raw Joy, for quite some time and have been able to fully understand  and share her passion for her brand. Jenna visits gem and crystal outlets and spends hours, literally HOURS, selecting each crystal carefully- looking at colour, shape, quality and the energy it releases. I was honored to shoot her first campaign shoot where she styled models with her accessories and was able to bring her vision for the brand to life!

instagram fb1 fb2 fb3

Our models for the day were Jenna and Ideline. Professional, beautiful and talented ladies who captured the brand and helped Jenna create her vision and story. We shot on a scorching hot day but thanks to Sam Ellenberger- the makeup lasted the entire shoot (I never doubted her skills for one moment!) fb4 fb5 fb6

If you would like to get your hands on a Raw Joy product, be sure to visit the V&A Watershed or their online Facebook page and website. They have the most amazing pieces, and no two gems are the same!

Which item did you like the most? I fell in love with the turquoise / metallic cuffs!

12122661_1167124393301010_629346102905552392_n Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.53.18 AM

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