@MeiraFriedland in CPT

Meira visited Cape Town from the gorgeous city of JHB and booked a shoot with me while she was here. We met over coffee during my last visit to JHB and decided that we HAD to shoot when she visited Cape Town. There is something about shooting in another city that is so exciting, whether it is the client or myself, the excitement shows in the images and the result is an amazing look post story that follows.

Meira wanted to shoot in a few popular CPT locations, I suggested Kalk Bay – as popular as it may be, many people are still fixated on the CBD as a shoot location so I suggested something that may be more refreshing for her JHB followers.

Meira was able to experience Cape Town weather first hand as we planned a summer themed shoot (obviously CPT weather always has to rebel) and we were gifted with gorgeous soft light BUT had to work around the gloomy winter skyline.

The weather worked in our favour as it made Meira’s outfit pop against the darker background, picking up the colors of the harbour that complimented her dress and shoes. I told her that her outfit was very “Cape Town” having to dress casual, comfortable and for all seasons (adding the long sleeve to the dress in preparation for our famous 4 season days).

Where is your favourite place to shoot?



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  1. Loved working with you Tegz! Can’t wait to show off the rest of our shoot x

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