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Aisha and I shot this beautiful dress on our way to lunch recently. I really loved the wide, open space of this story as well as the bright orange and green colouring. The blogger outfit trend at the moment seems to be very monotone so Aisha and I rebelled and shot in a harsh sunlight and bright backdrop to create this bright, high contrast story. 1234

I loved Aisha’s sneakers paired with the dress, as she said in her blog post about this look; she wouldn’t wear sneakers with it but rather heels – sneakers did make for great photos though!! This dress and the collection it is from is made from recycled materials and is inspired by Parisian paintings which you can see in the brush stroke look of the dress.67910

I posted a more creative “story” on my steller feed if you would like to have a look, click here.

For bookings, email me at info@tegansmithphotography.com


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  1. What a nice picture, and I love the dress!

    X Elien

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