Mustang in Robertson

I had the honour of driving the 2016 Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Convertible for one week in April. I am currently collaborating with Ford South Africa on instagram, along with a few other creatives, to capture our very best photos of three cars for the month of March and April. I’m not going to say the Mustang was my favourite – because it simply cannot be compared to any other car. It would be a winner hands down. I thoroughly enjoyed driving this flashy, attention grabbing car around Cape Town. The smiles, waves and hoots that came from others was over whelming – but completely expected as the car has a reputation like no other car I know of. 12

When I received the Mustang, I knew I had to take it on a road trip, so I took it to my favourite little town outside Cape Town. A) because I love going there and B) because I saw the colour of the mustang and knew how gorgeous it would look amongst the red van Loveren Cannas Flowers. The drive was easy, comfortable and fuel-wise about the same as a 4×4. These red cannas flowers line any farm owned by van Loveren so next time you drive through, have a look and see who owns what farms, its very interesting! 5678100-100 km in 5.8 seconds…. 11

Iconic lights remind you of the 1964 Mustang that the designers based it on, along with a badge in the interior. I liked the subtle branding in and around the car. A few people mentioned that they thought the branding would be more obvious but I feel that it doesn’t need all the branding. It is what it is and one doesn’t need constant reminding of what they’re driving – its a MUSTANG after all!! I liked the confident, minimal Ford branding – as if Ford knows that people don’t need reminding of what brand the Mustang belongs to – YOU JUST KNOW. The only Ford branding you will see in the car is above the rear view mirror – subtle, minimal – love it!312

I have a few more shoots lined up with the “Competition Orange” Mustang which focus on other aspects of the car that I love. I cannot wait to share them with you!

To view the shoots as they are released, follow @fordsouthafrica on instagram.

If you want more details about this car, click  here. I also have a short write up under my “cars” tab.

What colour would your Mustang be? Tweet me 🙂



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