This month I visited JHB for photoshoots – a long over due trip which I plan to make again in October. I spent my first two nights at the Luxury Hotel 54 on Bath which is located in Rosebank and connected to Rosebank Mall.

Upon arrival I was greeted by their friendly doorman who got to know me quite well over my two day stay – dashing in and out for photoshoots and meeting clients in their cosy lounge/reception area.


I checked in and made my way up to my beautiful room. As I entered, it was love at first sight – there is nothing better than a good coffee machine and this room had pods paired with little Lindt chocolates, it is the first thing I look at when walking into a hotel room. As I ventured further into my room my chauffeur set the air con for me, showed me how the tv works, the bar fridge and another important factor – the view! I took some pics and instagrams before settling in, setting up my laptop and enjoying the complimentary treats that kept coming – morning and evening!

My room decor was modern and minimalist. Soft greys and textures gave the room a light, open feel. I could have spent all my time in my room, it was so beautiful. BUT, I had to check out the mall, their famous Champagne Bar and pool area so I snapped some pics and off I went to explore!


I loved that I could simply pop down to the mall through the hotel link if I needed any necessities that I had forgotten. It was also convenient for meetings and dinners with clients – we had the choice between the hotel or the mall. The hotel also offers access to the Planet Fitness Gym in the mall so that you can keep fit and healthy after all of those lunch meetings with clients!

I enjoyed breakfasts and dinner at Level 4, where the staff were extremely professional and friendly. Traveling can be a stressful occasion and these small gestures of friendliness and staff who go the extra mile for all guests that visit really makes a difference. My last evening was spent enjoying the sunset in the garden and editing at the Champagne Bar where I enjoyed my last meal – a highly recommended Butternut soup dish.

Thank you for having me, 54 on Bath! I am looking forward to visiting in October to enjoy your facilities all over again!




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