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I have been freelancing for the past 5 years and have finally found my photographic style. Finding your photographic style is kind of like finding yourself. It’s something that is unique to you, not like anyone else! It takes time to learn what you like most, your editing process, your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Shooting with different people, especially bloggers means that you need to always be adaptable to the changing trends – if you’re a blogger you will agree that although all bloggers have their specific style, they follow trends in what their followers are loving online. Remember the white marble trend? Graffiti trend, warm hues, cold hues, minimalistic, white out? All those blogging trends that kept us on our toes trying to stay “with it” but still have our own style. This post goes out to all my fellow blogger photographers who take on the challenge of meeting the bloggers needs when it comes to their style and image trends and still keep to their photographic style. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of shooting towards a person’s vision but somehow making it my own so that people recognize my image when they see it – that is the ultimate goal. b1b2I pride myself in being able to photograph different bloggers in different styles but still not losing MY image style. It is a challenge but it separates the bloggers and creates some diversity in the community. We all have our inspirations, but whats the point of all looking the same? I want to thank all of my regular blogger clients for the amazing support and enthusiasm – I am so proud of all of you! I love getting your emails, whatsapps and instagram tags showing me your new exciting ideas! This is what being creative is all about, working together to create the most amazing imagery and tell a story!b3b4I shot this look for Aisha recently, I LOVE all things bling and these jeans are now on my shopping list! I always wondered how I could style a sequin look in a casual way and thanks to Aisha I can now buy a pair and live my dream of wearing sequin! Being a photographer I am always dressing a little more comfortable, casual and practical and I loved how this look can work for ME. I can look smart and on-trend at an event but still have a casual and practical feel – I will leave the high fashion looks to the pro’s !b5b6b7b8b9b10Thanks for an awesome shoot as always, Aish!



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  1. 21fit says:

    Fantastic photos

  2. Great site, love the design! @formemagazine

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