Street Style with @bakedtheblog & @WayneParnell

2I captured this street style shoot for Aisha & Wayne recently. Aisha used these images to feature Wayne as her MCM here. I loved this location (you may recognize it if you are a frequent Bree Street visitor). I loved how the location spoke for the both of them – highlights of pink to represent Aisha and bold, masculine lines to represent Wayne – photography is so much more than the first glance at an image but more about what you portray through the layers of an image. Next time you look at a photo, try and see if there is more to it, sometimes there’s that “something” that draws you to an image and you don’t know why – next time this happens, take a moment to deconstruct the image and see what each part of it means, it can be very interesting ! Sometimes I only deconstruct my image after the shoot to understand why I took the photo and why I thought it was good – this will help you find your style and see what draws you to a certain look or location as a photographer.  Ok back to basics – I photographed Wayne’s outfit first and then opted for the softer, pink back ground for Aisha’s images to suit her current instagram theme… this is what resulted:35x678910b1b2b3b5b6b7b8x



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