Minimal lines with @bakedtheblog

I always look forward to shooting with Aisha – not only because we are equally passionate about creating beautiful imagery and pushing the boundaries but also to see what Aisha’s next outfit creation is. Aisha and I have a new favourite spot to shoot in Cape Town and lately, we have simply arrived at the area and “winged it”. Sometimes it is the best thing to do – having your heart set on an exact spot could lead to disappointment (maybe it has changed, or there are obstructions etc). Sometimes the outfit that is supposed to go with the location doesn’t work at all!! I tend to use this spontaneous style with my regular clients quite often – firstly because they trust me enough to simply arrive and secondly it is way more fun arriving and taking the challenge to work with what you have. 12I am loving Aisha’s minimal style at the moment – this look in particular shows how short girls can wear these dresses with sneakers – it’s all in the colour you’re wearing I’d say! 34x567

Keep inspiring Aish



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