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Simone has featured some awesome curvy girls on her blog. I have loved reading this series of interviews so far – all the ladies are extremely inspiring and have such interesting stories and advice.

I met Meg & Simone early one morning. We grabbed a cup of coffee, chatted and snapped some pics.

We had the perfect reflection of sunlight bouncing off a white wall near by which gave the images a crisp, clean feel and made the colours “pop”. 21Image-2It was lovely meeting Meg, I’ve followed her for a while and it felt like we both knew each other already – social media does that! Meg made a very important statement which I often tell my clients “…you shouldn’t aspire to change your body to fit clothes. Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around!” This is how it is meant to be! We should enjoy wearing the clothes that compliment us instead of miserably aiming to wear items that may not necessarily be complimentary to our personality OR body shape. Sometimes I find that there are trends that may be aimed at a certain body shape, and even though I would LOVE to wear the item, it just doesn’t suit my body type. Luckily, there are plenty of other trends to wear and we can all simply move on to something that is better suited but Meg’s statement really sat with me and I have shopped with that advice in mind since. Wearing items that make you feel good about yourself really makes a difference – feeling happier and confident really shows, and affects people around you in a positive light. Thank you, Meg, for your inspiring story and advice.Image-5Image-7Image-15Image-16Image-17Image-20View Meg’s full write up via Raw explosions Blog here.


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  1. Tegan,I love this. I have my own issues with my body lately. Its great to hear someone say that clothes should fit and suit ME and not the other way around

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