A Sporty Sunrise with @simonemunnik x @fitnessgirl_za

I was so excited to work with these two ladies, they have been a huge inspiration to my healthier lifestyle and fitness goals. One of the best things about my job is being able to work with the people who I look up to/ inspire me and eventually calling them my friends. Meeting up and chatting to these people have shaped me into the person I am today, whether it’s a lawyer whom I photograph blogger outfits for, a mother whom I capture special moments for or Simone & Tracey who I caught up with to capture this fitness shoot for – all the clients/ friends I have met have played a part in how I see myself and how I live my life. IMG_2001Shooting with regular clients, you get to know their goals, insecurities and personal life – I listen to their struggles and achievements on our shoots and end up celebrating each achievement with them as the years go by!! One of these special moments was this shoot where Simone posed in a crop top, baring her tummy to the camera. I was so proud of her! Unless you read her blog, you wouldn’t understand how big of a moment this was for us! I have to thank Tracey for pushing Simone to tie that T-shirt into a crop top and for giving Simone the confidence to trust me and push her boundaries – what amazing photos we captured with that extra little edge we added to her outfit! I get so excited when my clients embrace who they are and celebrate themselves ! You can see in the images (above and below) how the difference in confidence shows….IMG_2022IMG_2040IMG_2043Simone met up with Tracey (@fitnessgirl_za) to chat to her about her fitness journey. Tracey has the most amazing story and I have been wanting to shoot with her for ages – thank you Simone for making that happen! Read about Tracey’s journey here.IMG_2079IMG_2085IMG_2095IMG_2107xHere’s to more meet ups and achievements ladies !



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