Kayleigh has become one of my regular clients, always suggesting some great shoot ideas and locations. I enjoy shooting with her as she is always keen for any location I suggest and likes to shoot in areas that others may not be drawn to. Kay wanted a cobble stone location for this outfit, so instead of shooting at the popular Bo-Kaap or the new “trending” location of Cape Quarter, I knew of one cobble stone road near to our houses that would be perfect for this outfit…IMG_2747IMG_2764As we made our way to the cobble stone location, we saw this building, which worked so well with her outfit and style… we scratched the cobblestone idea and shot here instead! I enjoy working like that – selecting an area to shoot and then deciding on the exact locations on the day. One can never have their heart set on a specific area to shoot as the lighting can never be guaranteed – sometimes there is a car in the way or the location has completely changed. Always be willing to change it up a bit!IMG_2771IMG_2774On this particular day, it was partly cloudy, so Kay and I had to wait for the sun to disappear behind the clouds between shots. I like to keep all my lighting the same throughout a shoot – the passers by must have wondered what on earth we were doing standing in the road tapping our feet, and staring up at the sun. (LOL).IMG_2781I loved the different textures of this outfit against this backdrop. The wall was full of textures that mimicked Kay’s outfit. IMG_2791IMG_2798IMG_2825IMG_2836IMG_2852Looking forward to our final shoot for 2017, we have something exciting planned so watch this space!!



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