steet style with @zbzoebrown

Zoe and I photographed a few lifestyle outfit images recently. When she showed me her outfit a few days earlier I knew just the location for the look – something warm & textured yet strong.

I loved the lines along the wall which complimented Zoe’s outfit, it added some structure to the look. The actual outfit was quite formal but the white stripe in her trousers added an awesome sporty edge !

Zoe was very clear that she wanted to be photographed as herself and not to be photographed posing as a model. This is something that many people battle with – shooting a personality as themselves and not making them put on a persona as you would with a model. In this case, I usually meet the client, get to know them, chat and snap away with some photographic direction with regards to angles, smiling and movement – rather than directing them towards a certain pose or feeling that a model would have to acquire. I love capturing people for who they really are and; rather than creating a scene; I tend to capture a moment and tell a story…

Thanks for another awesome shoot Zoe


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