#UglyLocationChallenge – Warehouse

I was challenged to shoot in a location that was thought to be ugly. The goal was to produce beautiful imagery from an area that most would think was impossible to produce such photos.

After many different suggestions, I was challenged to shoot in the Zando Warehouse specifically. When I contacted Zando they were very excited to be a part of the shoot and welcomed us into their warehouse.

Our team consisted of:

Model- Arina Le Roux

Makeup- Michelle Kavarnos

Styling- Zando

Videographer- Zeenit Jay

Photography – (Myself)

The first outfit was a metallic inspired look and I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it! I loved the silver metal railing and stairs in the corner of the Warehouse, it complimented the metallic look of the outfit. The fluorescent lighting in the background gave the look a very futuristic feel. I shot on my 50mm for most of the shoot in oder to soften the background and create some bokeh where possible. TeganSmithPhotography_-7TeganSmithPhotography_-10TeganSmithPhotography_-2TeganSmithPhotography_-1TeganSmithPhotography_-8TeganSmithPhotography_-12TeganSmithPhotography_-13

Outfit 2 was a sporty look. I liked how the red colour blocked the blue and orange shelves. I loved the attitude it had and I had a vision of a bad-ass girl hanging out amongst the shelving, so we opted for the colourful shelves as our second location. Half way though shooting this look, I asked the model to take off the sunnies she was wearing for a few options without them. As she handed them to me, I had an idea! I was going to shoot through a part of the tinted lenses to create an interesting splash of colour in the images, have a look at how this came out…


For the third look we went for a sporty outfit. I thought it would look great against the silver fence within the warehouse. I played with different angles to make a straight forward shot look a little more interesting. I also shot though the fence at different distances to create an interesting blur and diagonal pattern in the images. ..TeganSmithPhotography_-25TeganSmithPhotography_-26TeganSmithPhotography_-28TeganSmithPhotography_-31TeganSmithPhotography_-35TeganSmithPhotography_-36TeganSmithPhotography_-37TeganSmithPhotography_-42TeganSmithPhotography_-41TeganSmithPhotography_-44TeganSmithPhotography_-45TeganSmithPhotography_-47

Thanks to the team for collaborating ! Have a look at the video below for more behind the scenes …

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