@bakedonline x @bilqeesbaker

I absolutely loved this shoot with Aisha and Bilqees. We had a beautifully lit fresh produce store as our location and the owners were kind enough to give us permission to shoot there. I loved how the fruit added so much colour to this warm toned shoot. tegansmithphotography_-1tegansmithphotography_-3tegansmithphotography_-10tegansmithphotography_-15After the store, we moved upstairs to a new skate park & basket ball court. We were very excited to shoot there – not only because we were one of the first few to “find it” and shoot it but also because basket ball courts are pretty rare in Cape Town. It worked so well with the sister’s outfits and added an edgy attitude to the mood of the shoot. As we shot in midday I had to work with the harsh sun and use it to my advantage to add contrast and edge to the images. I asked the girls to put on their favourite sunnies and raise their chins to the sky to avoid harsh shadows… I love the challenge of making any location and ANY lighting work! tegansmithphotography_-20tegansmithphotography_-24

Thanks for a wonderful shoot ladies


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