Zoe Brown – Outfit Shoot

Zoe and I met in Bree Street one morning to photograph this cute outfit! I loved how the location I chose complimented the colours of her outfit. Sometimes we, photographers, cannot shoot in the perfect early morning/evening light as clients only have a certain amount of free time available – this was the case for our shoot. With shoots like these, I prefer to name a location that I know will have a few options for well lit areas to shoot and see what the light is like upon arrival. Zoe could only shoot from 10am – 12pm which is the absolute worst for lighting BUT I love a challenge! So I asked her to meet me in Bree street and off we went to find the best light for her outfit shoot. The city is always a great place to shoot when shooting during harsh light. There is always some part of a sidewalk/ building that is in shade. These are the pics that resulted from our sunny lifestyle shoot ….

Thanks for a fabulous shoot, Zoe!



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