Baked Online in Colour

I am very excited to share these images with you! Aisha and I rarely have a moment to shoot creative content for ourselves any more so I was very happy for us to find the time to shoot this together. I kept the concept simple but added some gel colours to make the portraits a little more interesting. I used one studio light with an umbrella and then my second light had a gel colour overlay which we changed every now and then.

The different gel colours gave each look a different mood… the turquoise gel added a dreamy effect…

It’s always good to make slight changes to your poses. I asked Aisha to flip her hair to change the look and I absolutely loved the result.

We then changed outfits as well as the gel colour and opted for a fun, vibrant pink… This added a playful mood to the pics!

This was shot using my home studio set up. All we needed was a clean white wall and the creativity could begin!

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