The TapRoom


The TapRoom is located at Devils Peak Brewery in Durham Road, Salt River. The venue is light, spacious and filled with interesting vintage decor. I’ve visited the restaurant/ tasting room twice and both times were impressive. I couldn’t find anything wrong with The Tap Room, from its service with a smile, delicious beers and mouth watering food – there is simply no flaw to be found.

Sundays offer live music, good vibes and a gorgeous view of Devils Peak. Some items on the menu that I enjoyed enough to order on both visits were the Pork Crubeens starters, Truffle Fries, Cheese Burger and Pulled Pork Sandwich.

Have you visited The Tap Room? Tweet me @tegzphotography. Thank you for introducing me to this gem @instaeatsCT #newweeknewspot

4 and 20

I was invited to a delicious breakfast by the team from @InstaEatsCPT at Four & Twenty Cafe in Wynberg. I have visited the pretty little restaurant a few times but always opt for a cappuccino, and if I’m feeling really adventurous, a scone! The chef’s impressed us with delicious tastings of their top selling breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats and I left the breakfast feeling inspired to come back and share my favourites with friends.

IMG_8189 IMG_8193 IMG_8196 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8204 IMG_8207 IMG_8209 IMG_8211 IMG_8215 IMG_8218 IMG_8219

The coffee was great. They use Bean There and it is always well presented and smooth on the palate. Thanks to InstaEatsCPT for a gorgeous morning of laughs, food and a great experience! Follow @InstaEatsCPT for more information about the dishes we ate and what new restaurant they visit every week!

Twigs With Beans 

The perfect hide away on a cold winters day, situated in 2nd Avenue Harfield Village, Cape Town. I found myself relieved when I saw their coffee brand… I have a handful of “safe” brands that I have no doubt about when ordering a cappuccino at a new place and Tribe is one of them. The restaurant is filled with friendly locals and is filled with art/decor/coffee and honey which are all for sale. . I ordered a French Toast and Bacon breakfast which was big enough to share and left my newfound gem with a smile!

1 2 3 4 5

Coffee presentation could have been better but since there are only two staff on duty – waiting on tables, making coffee AND cooking up a storm – I looked passed the coffee presentation and enjoyed a delicious breakfast that the friendly staff served.

Tribe 112 – Cape Town CBD

A warm, well lit coffee studio based in BMW on Buitengracht Street in the Cape Town CBD. Decor consists of car parts and BMW engines lit by a beautiful natural light streaming in through the large glass windows that lookout onto the CBD.

7 8 11

Cappuccino 10/10. Smooth, creamy, hot and well presented.16 23 24

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    Man! I am in love with your work! Keep it up! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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