Summer Love

Summer Love


 “Summer Love” is a photoshoot I recently did with makeup artist, Candice May; model, Kerry G of D&A; JanieB Clothing and Forever Love accessories creator, Aviv Mirkin.


(image taken by Candice May)

 Our shoot was based at a stunning house in Constantia, Cape Town. We had a talented team which made it a laid back, successful day with plenty of laughs.


 The clouds became a frustration as they kept changing our light but I kept a positive attitude believing that we would have some lovely soft light to work with as well as more harsh light for the high contrast shots – the best of both!

It is easy to create such beautiful images when you have great outfits, a stunning model, a talented makeup artist and great accessories!

We had tons of fun creating “a day in the life” scenes of a character living in the mansion and acting out a life we all imagined her to lead.

Here are a few images from the shoot which created our “life of leisure” story…






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