Forest Chic

I collaborated with a young up and coming designer, Georgie Rattle, who caught my attention when she released her first range of clothing last year. Her clothing can be bought online via her facebook page Georgie Rattle Clothing.

Georgie organised our model, Mia A, who was a friend and model from Boss Models. Our makeup artist was Kelly Michel and we were based at a stunning location in the Tokai Forest.

The shoot was set in the late afternoon- I have an obsession with the forest at that time- as the sun sets behind the mountains. Here are some of the final images from the photoshoot:





Behind the scenes image taken by Georgie Rattle



Behind the Scenes image taken by Georgie Rattle


Mia was SO tall we had to photograph her sitting down in many of the dresses as they were too short. It is amazing how certain occurrences in a photoshoot lead one to the best image captured!


429984_403976896282434_1924635780_n 401297_10152312642930319_1846719629_n

Our photoshoot was then published in the Get It Magazine

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