Studex SA

I photographed a Campaign for Studex SA which is an American brand of ear rings and piercings. They are known for their non-allergenic ear rings that one has put in after getting your ears pierced etc. The client wanted a campaign that was clearly recognizable as a South African brand so we shot at locations around Cape Town and Port Elizabeth that people would be able to recognize and associate the brand as the South African version. Here are a few images from the shoot:

7final 13final



20final Behind the scenes:

IMG_0826 We had a lovely day visiting all the popular locations in Cape Town shooting each product. Tarryn, our model, was a great sport as well as our makeup artist – Megan Moses, who travelled with us doing touch-ups and makeup in the most challenging of locations. We were assisted by one of Studex’s Social Media Marketers, Dustin, who over-saw the whole photoshoot and made sure that Social Media Company – Social Click – had their vision for Studex’s campaign 100% correct.

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