Urban Attitude Lingerie

Ruby Lingerie & Accessories – Robyn Lidsky
Model – Kerry E
Makeup – Louise Dawson
Hair – Kylie Smit
Graffiti – Wer
Photography – Tegan Smith

This is still one of my favourite shoots, and one of my first professional shoots! Today I am going back into my archives and showing you a shoot that got me totally hooked and inspired by fashion photography.

The client wanted something different to the usual lingerie images that are produced and wanted to give a feminine-grunge feel to the shoot by adding some streetstyle graffiti! She also supplies accessories which I felt would get lost in the image so I added them as detail images on the side. It resulted in a great layout with lots to look at, but still steering clear from a busy image.

Here are a few images from the photoshoot:






226973_228186900528102_2278130_n  We had a strong team and tons of fun at this shoot.


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