A Baked Adventure

As you all know, I am the official photographer for Baked The Blog. A short while ago we went on a little team adventure to the lovely town of Paternoster just outside Cape Town. We were lucky enough to bring a friend each so I took my sister and we set off to meet Aisha and her friend at the Seaside Cottages. The 4 of us had a stunning girls weekend where we relaxed, tanned, explored Paternoster and made time for a quick lookpost for the blog. This lookpost has turned out to be one of my ultimate faves:

IMG_8195 copy


IMG_8269 copy

IMG_8275 copy

IMG_8407 copy

IMG_8412 copy

Aisha and I have joined a new blogger network called TGETHER which consists of Shades Of Gold,The Visual Journal, Fashion Breed and LeLuvette. Please view more info about TGETHER via http://www.tgether.co.za. It is the first of its kind in SA and I am super proud to be a part of it and work alongside these inspiring ladies.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. RunwayMonk says:

    great photographs….

  2. teoteodora says:

    Super shots. Can anybody join the network?

    1. Hey there. Thank you. Follow the link to see what TGETHER is about, unfortunately it is not for anyone to join, it is a chosen network of 5/6 bloggers who are blogging under one name as a team. Thanks for the support!

      1. teoteodora says:

        My pleasure!
        Http:// teoteodora.wordpress.com

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