Winter Fields

Due to popular demand I am posting another one of my favourite Baked the Blog Lookposts. This is a more recent one that we photographed for a winter look.

I am obsessed with this field location especially in the late afternoon (which is when we photographed this lookpost.)


Aisha and I always have such fun when shooting together as we are always on the same wavelength and are inspired by the same style of shooting!


Above is a close up I took so she could write about her eyelashes, I just LOVE this shot!


This shot is her full outfit, we HAD to show two versions as I loved the mountain in the background of the left image as well as the way she looks so tall BUT the image on the right had to be photographed, I could not ignore the contrast between her faux fur jacket and the long dry grass. One image is also more posed and the other is more natural.


The above image is what I call “an Aisha Outburst”. She always does something crazy on a shoot and this time I got it on camera. I love the spontaneity of this shot. I have so much more respect for Aisha after this shoot, she walked in those heels through the field, over the rocks, on the uneven ground and still pulled off this shot, standing 1 foot on top of a stone. #Respect


And finally, I am finishing off with my ultimate favourite image from the shoot. These are my favourite flowers and as we walked past this tree, I had to steal a quick shot! The flower matched her lip colour so perfectly!

Thank you for reading my posts and supporting this blog, it is a great feeling knowing that people are interested in what happens on a photoshoot, what the photographer has to say as well as the fact that it is not a camera that took the image but a model, location, photographer and a few creative minds who thought it all up.

Keep sharing and retweeting.

I love your feedback!


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  1. D says:

    LOVe ❤ 🙂 xxx

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