Acid Bloom

Working with Gabi from The Dollhouse Clothing is always guaranteed fun! She is one of my favourite stylists to work with and together, with Megan Moses Makeup Artistry, we always create something totally OTT and edgy.

Acid Bloom was a shoot we did for her clothing line as well as Old Street Clothing located in the Northern Suburbs. We were lucky enough to have thousands of flowers and bright, creatively styled clothing which resulted in the title “Acid Bloom”.




Our model was from FanJam and was so awesome to work with! It is always a breeze shooting with models who are easy going and so down to earth not to forget professional and experienced.



I completely fell in love with these jelly bean shoes, not to wear them, but the fact that I LIVED in them when I was younger! Does anyone remember having Jelly Babies when they were younger? I would buy these just to keep in my cupboard!




When I put the above image together and doubled it up a strange thing happened. Does anyone see the monster in the bush in the middle of the image? I was rather freaked out at what I had created by putting these two images back to back!!



No behind the scenes images today, but tomorrow’s post will have tons along with a great location!

Have a good weekend!


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