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I photographed a swimsuit inspired shoot alongside model- Salome (D&A models), Cleopatra Swimwear and makeup artist/stylist – Gaynor Ingham.

IMG_7652lowrestext copy

We had a stunning location for the shoot – thank you Kirst – and beautiful weather! The idea for this shoot was to photograph a model lounging around the pool.

IMG_7697lowrestext copy

We sped through the shoot as it started two hours late because Salome’s Garmin sent her all over Cape Town. This is the exact reason why I am still in the ice ages when it comes to GPS. I use a good old map book! I have had lost models and makeup artists calling me countless times because their GPS has taken them in the complete opposite direction. Maps maps maps people! #rantover

IMG_7736lowrestext copy

We were super happy when Salome arrived and she was too!! She is the most awesome model to work with, easy going, down to earth and absolutely stunning! Not to forget how insanely tall she is, I felt very intimidated looking up to this gorgeous model!

I am so happy with the outcome of this shoot! This is my style completely! Bright colours, soft blurs and nature! I loved the shoot and I loved the creative freedom!

Here are a few more images from this photoshoot:

IMG_7737lowres copy

IMG_7772 copy

IMG_7800lowrestext copy

IMG_7838 copy

Just a little touch of summer to add to this wintery Monday in Cape Town…


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