Black Cake Couture Head Pieces

When I read a lovely post about Black Cake yesterday, I realised that I had not shared the shoot on my blog- so here is the shoot I did with the Couture Head Piece brand!

Black Cake is a Couture Headpiece brand that began in late 2012. I was lucky enough to be the first to photograph Junaid Mosajee’s first range of headpeices and totally fell in love with the brand from the minute we shot the first piece.

IMG_9765 copy

Our model was Aerin M from 20 Management and makeup was done by Kirsty Williams- my craziest and most talented makeup artist.

IMG_9769 copy IMG_9794 copy

IMG_9822 copy

Aerin suited our look for the shoot perfectly and the images came out great, she is such an amazing model and hardly needs any directing.

IMG_9798 copy

IMG_9830bw copy

This piece was vintage inspired with pearls and feathers, how perfect for the Great Gatsby trend at the moment?!

IMG_9835 copy

IMG_9841 copy

Above is a behind the scenes shot of all of the lovely head pieces.

IMG_9851 copy

IMG_9889 copy

This head piece is Titanic inspired and was one of my favourites. It was elegant with a bit of humour and I loved it! What a great idea!!

IMG_9951 copy

The above image is a behind the scenes shot of Junaid styling Aerin’s horse-inspired head piece.

IMG_9966 copy

The horse-inspired head piece looked great when worn and we tried to capture the “horse style” by shooting with a bit of movement (right image).

IMG_9904 copy

This bubble inspired head piece in the above image was designed for the 2013 J&B Met. The theme was “made to fly” and Black Cake – as always- approached this theme from a completely different angle. Most people thought about wings, butterfly’s and other obvious themes BUT Black Cake thought about bubbles and made this bubble inspired head piece. Amazing!

IMG_9935 copy

IMG_9915 copy

I have been finding every excuse to try and order a custom made head piece but at the moment, I will have to wait for the next J&B Met. Follow Black Cake on twitter @BlackCakeJM which will lead you to their facebook page or simply click here

Thanks to Kirsty Williams for the amazing makeup and Aerin M for your outstanding modeling. Well done team!!


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