Mythology of Colour

This was the shoot that created my love for fashion photography. I photographed this shoot in the beginning of my final year of college and from then on, fashion was all I photographed.


This shoot was also the start of a long photographic relationship with Lisa Harrison, a great model who I often work with and who’s images will be seen on this blog a few more times to come.

Mythology Store supplied our clothing and Simone Dumas did Lisa’s beautiful makeup, my assistants Tim Glen, Brittany Smith and Kylie Smit were a huge help as this shoot was rather complicated!

I shot a powder paint themed shoot but wanted to keep the clothing paint-free so, what I did was shoot double exposures! I had my vision for each shot of how I wanted the model to feel/pose and then how the powder paint was imagined to explode in the image (I say “imagined” because things never turn out exactly as planned).


First, Lisa would model in the chosen location (above).

Then I would direct my assistants with the powder paint to throw the paint in order to create my vision.


IMG_1598  IMG_1614

 And finally in post production I would carefully merge the two images together. It was a tedious and difficult shoot but so worth it and lots of fun for all of us who teamed up to create this Mythical story.


…and this would be the outcome… here are the other images to follow:

2 3finalIMG_1704 4.1IMG_1641 5IMG_1626

Well done team!!


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